How to Hire an Architect — From Sofa Design to Home Design

When hiring an architect and judging his work think about how it relates to other examples of great construction, such as the Taj Mahal, Chichen Itza, Brunelleschi’s Cathedral, the Empire top Honolulu architects State Building, etc. These buildings are incorporate a famous in the world because of how they evolved from their predecessors and how they relate to their environment. A great architect understands both what steps construction has come since the pyramids, and how much he owes to them.

The architect manages macro and micro details, from the way the fakeness of a building fits into all of those other urban landscape to the furniture used within the space. All buildings should follow three precepts delivered by Vitruvius, a historical Roman who lived in the first century BCE and one of the first who wrote about construction. In his De Architectura he said that beauty, utility and durability are of primary importance for any building. Generations later, Leon Battista Alberti suggested that beauty associates with the proportion, and that ornament can relate too. By the 19th century, Louis Sullivan, father of the skyscraper, said rather simply that “Form follows function. inch

Construction is one of the only art forms that is aesthetic and functional. Like when you step foot into the Parthenon, not only are you minted by its ancient beauty, but you can imagine that within its walls of simplicity and strength there were once huge figurines of gods and goddesses painted bright colors, with tasty animals multilated open at their feet. The stoic nature of these old articles mirrored the balanced passionate nature of its devotees.

Today construction works in a similar way, except it has a few more resources up its sleeve. Take sofa design, for example. When a restaurant designer wants to show his client what he’s worth, he incorporates different luxurious elements-silk, velvet, leather, marbled, taffeta — which will convey to the lounge’s moviegoers what kind of place they’re in. If he’s designing a home in the contemporary style, he may repudiate a wide variety of elements and textures for one or two simple minimal ones, such as wood and glass.

Ultimately, an architect is an artist and his ability to work within constraints of functionality and many different mediums makes his profession quite unlike that of a electrician, sculptor, writer or musician. That’s why when choosing an architect, it’s important to examine his other work.

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