Apple iPhone — Video ipod device in a Mobile phone

iPods are synonymous with mobile music since the initial days of digital wave. These compact devices uprooted the popularity enjoyed by analogue mobile media players like Walkman آیفون تصویری سیماران and Discmans, giving end users the convenience of mobile music in a much compact size. As mobile wave gained pace, stand alone devices like the ipod device took major blow in their market share as more and more music phones begun to eat into their base of traditional consumers. It was therefore logical for Apple — manufacturer of ipod device, to think of a mobile phone that provides ipod device quality playback skills.

Interest generated by this union of mobile music with telecommunication was immense. Virtually every one remotely interested in mobile phone was aware of the Iphone. After almost overkill of publicity, the Iphone was finally launched amongst a thrilling time ticket. Despite a few hiccups — which is pretty normal for a first timer in the mobile phone manufacturing field, the Iphone were able to meet all the expectations built up by the company and the audience alike.

The Iphone looks like a PDA fabricated mobile phone with a larger than usual display. Its dimension reads 115 x 61 x 11. 6 mm and feels quite robust at 135 grams. Its massive 3. 5 inch TFT based touch screen is capable of producing more than 16 million colours across its 320 x 480 pixels. Program apart, the Iphone is most suited to enjoy your favourite videos on the go. The phone boasts of 4GB and 8GB memory pool to carry the majority of your preferred audio and video files. Integrated ipod device audio and video player program and media download options is just like a normal ipod device, so that it is very easy to operate and download music. Other important features includes a 2. 0 megapixel camera, quad band, GPRS, Wireless, Wireless bluetooth — much about anything that are seen in other mobile phones in the same price segment.

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