Epiphone Casino Sunburst Electric guitar and the Beatles

The Epiphone Casino is a timeless classic hollow-body Sunburst electric guitar that provides a slot online jackpot contrast to the brochure of solid body sunburst various instruments, like the Les John Standard, or the Fender Straocaster.

Coincidently, Epiphone is now a additional of Gibson corporation, its once biggest rival and rival.

The Casino was the first model that Gibson manufactured after they acquired the Epiphone company and brand name.

Successfully the vintage Casino Sunburst is a warm honey stroke silpada Sunburst color with a nitro-cellulose lacquer high gloss finish. The Casino is also available in traditional antique ‘Tobacco’ Sunburst also.

The Casino Sunburst electric guitar has a beautiful full warm sound that just a classic semi-acoustic electric guitar of this class quality could have. With its traditional classy double ‘F’ sound holes or ‘F-holes’, the tone playing the guitar delivers is the best and still sounds quintessentially Beatlesque.

The Epiphone Casino will be forever associated with John, John and George of the Beatles as the band were amongst the original marketers and advocates of the model back in the 60s.

Notably John McCartney used his Casino Sunburst on his guitar solitary in the song ‘Taxman’. In fact John Lennon, John McCartney and George Harrison all used the Epiphone Casinos throughout the entire recording of the innovative psychedelic 1966 album Revolver.

The Epiphone Casino credited itself so well to the creation of the psychedelic sound that the Beatles were refining, so the various instruments were used again when the band recorded their cutting edge Sgt. Pepper’s Depressed Bears Club Band album in the studio room a year later in 1967.

Throughout John Lennon’s solitary career, he continued to use his Epiphone Casino. Playing the guitar is currently owned by his wife Yoko Ono Lennon. Now playing the guitar is formally the main Lennon Est and is listed on the Locations inventory as been called “The Wave Guitar”.

John McCartney still records in the studio room and plays live in collaboration with his original Casino Sunburst, choosing to perform his song “Yesterday” in current shows with it just last year.

The Epiphone Casino Sunburst electric guitar is a wonderful example of a beautiful appearing and beautiful classic Sunburst guitar.

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