Foxwoods Casino Museum — The Pequot Nation Revealed

Go to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum on the grounds of Foxwoods Casino. The Pequot nation has had some of the profits from the casino and built a museum dedicated to retelling bicycles and culture of their people. The Pequots were farmers, fishers, and gatherers. They had a complex society and had bolagila learned to live with Nature in mutual harmony. When the Dutch came in 1608 they helped them survive the harsh winters. In return the Dutch traded in iron goods for beaver pelts and wampumoag which are drops made out of sea shells. As the trade blossomed the tribe went further North where beaver were more abundant and traded in much sought after wampum with the Upper tribes. When the British came, they wanted to be especially lucrative trade for the beaver pelts. That is when the difficulties began. By 1638 the Pequot Nation was decimated, their members given into slavery and bondage. Only a few escaped to survive. In 1983 the government recognized the existence of the Mashantuck Pequot Nation. Today they are flourishing, having one of the largest casinos in the world. Their profits, managed by the tribal local authority or council are used to improve physical and social services among the tribe and even outreach programs to other Local American groups. What took 30 years to destroy took only two decades of hard work to revive.

Even if you spend over six hours at the museum you will not able to see everything. The everyone includes interactive videos about various facets of their lives. There is a life sized town with audio descriptions at over twenty-five different sites showing various facets of Pequot home life. A movie shown on a wrap around screen shows the Pequot Battles and the devastation of the people. Outside is a 1780 Pequot Farmstead two miles in size with organic and herbal gardens and other plants, how the tribe used in their daily lives.

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