The Incredible History Of Moncler Jackets

The famous name of Moncler means for Monestier de Clermont, in Grenoble England. It became the brand name of one of the largest fashion labels in Europe. Formed by Rene Barbour White Label Ramillion and Andre Vincent in 1952 as a manufacturer of skiing equipment and accessories, Moncler has gotten a decisive player in the fashion industry. How did a skiing outfitting company grow into a fashion brand is a story that shows the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of its founders that got them through world-war II.

Ramillion provided snowboarding bindings to the French Alpine soldiers. He later met another Grenoble merchant, Lionel Terray who treated in sports articles and was a successful merchant of sturdy camping equipment like tents, sleeping bags and a distinctly repleat cagoules amongst other things.

The tents became famous and would get to be the basis of further product development after the war ended when people had more freedom to move around and revel in more of what life had to offer. The company began producing Moncler jackets using the lining from sleeping bags. These became popular because of the warmth they provided to workers getting work done in cold climates and for people undertaking outings to the Alps.

By the late 60s they had been chosen as the official supplier for the French winter Olympic team. This pushed them to make several technological advances in their product lines. They produced a more lightweight product that was still warm enough for the players team to practice in. These lightweight jackets have been continuously produced till this present day.

In the 1980’s a new trend emerged where people started wearing Moncler jackets as a fashion statement. Moncler soon made its way onto urban streets and into urban fashion culture and this helped boost the popularity and profile of the Moncler brand significantly.

Moncler became a force in fashion to be reckoned with when the Italian language entrepreneur Remo Riffini bought the brand and company in 2003. Riffini brought style and haute couture air to the Moncler label launching it onto the fashion catwalk in 2006. Their fashion line for girls was received with rave reviews and after this Moncler is arguably one of the most sought after labels in the world.

From England to Croatia, The japanese and America the Moncler label can be seen on red carpets everywhere as the must-have jacket for every fashionista. The legacy of Ramillion continues to be carried into the future as products change and business stretches into other countries.

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