Women’s Shapewear: Girdles, Corselets, Longline Bras

Shapewear can help you look great, needs to be occasion. Whether it’s for a New Years Eve party or you prefer to look great in that new dress you are going to buy in the Economy is shown sales, the right combination of girdle, longline bra or corselette will aid you to look fabulous and feel your confident best خرید شورت زنانه Shapewear operates by redefining specific body parts, giving you a more attractive and toned shape. It can increase the way your clothes fit, making them hang better and look fabulous. It can improve your silhouette, trimming it down to look great in jeans, party dresses, trouser suits, maxi dresses and ball robes. It can even enhance the way you try looking in a T shirt, so what you may are wearing this year, improve your thing and increase your confidence with some comfortable, figure enhancing shapewear.

The Corselette

The corselette provides individual with a slinky, smoothed out silhouette. It flattens the shape, dropping pounds the bust, midsection, abdomen and bottom to manufacture a smoother, more compact looking outline. Ideal for the winter months season, it not only adds control but also warmth as it features another layer of clothing.

There are two main types of corselet: the panty corselet and the open corselet. The Panty corselet is an versatile undergarment. It can be worn under slacks, skirts or dresses. Positioned with poppers in the gusset area, it comes in a full choice of sizes from small through which medium and plus sizes. The open corselet is designed to be worn under dresses and skirts and usually comes with completely removable suspender hooks.

The type of corselet you choose will be based on upon the items of clothing that you are looking to use it with. For slacks or jeans, go for the panty corselet, but if you are going to wear dresses or skirts you should go for the open corselet.

Both versions of the corselet are available with or without zips. Zips make the corselet safer to put on and are particularly a good choice for women who have a weakness in their fingertips.


Originally meaning belt and worn mostly by men, the girdle is now synonymous with women’s under outfits and worn to improve their silhouette. It’s primary function is to slim down and increase the look of the abdomen, sides and bottom, but it is also often used as supportive underwear.

Nowadays girdles are worn by women of all ages to more shapely and enhance their figures, the hidden panels in the abdomen, cool and leg areas helping to reduce, improve and improve their shape. This became once the preserve of the corset but corsetry was found to piece of cake the midsection in too securely making it uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis. The girdle delivers a similar slimming effect but is a lot more comfortable option. There are three types of girdles, the open girdle, also called the suspender girdle, the hook side girdle and the panty girdle.

The open girdle can best manifest as a very tight fitting, figure enhancing skirt. They are available with suspender hooks for attaching to stockings. These items are very useful since many women enjoy wearing stockings, rather than tights and the open girdle enables them to do this whilst trimming down their figures at the same time. They are a supportive garment that can be worn comfortably for long periods under skirts and dresses.

Hook side girdles are an alternative form of open girdle with hooks for stockings located to the sides. They help to control the abdomen, bottom and upper thighs and can be covertly worn under skirts and party dresses as they cannot be seen.

Ideal for flattening the abdomen, reducing the sides and narrowing the legs, these underwear pieces can be worn invisibly, under slacks, long skirts or dresses. They create sheer, smooth lines and minimize any unattractive mounds and bumps.

The Longline Bra

The longline bra is great for wearing under tight fitting or needy tops. Perfect for evening wear and special occasions, they iron out mounds and bumps and smooth down the torso creating the perfect, slinky shape. Longline bras are available in two designs — not for wired and underwired.

For by using and smoothing out chest muscles, the longline bra is ideal. They are generally available in the full choice of sizes from small to medium and plus sizes and will slim down and firm up your torso creating a smooth base for your outer clothing.

Longline bras are very comfortable and give the individual a real confidence boost. Having tried them for the first time, many women declare by them and rarely wear anything else. They find that wearing one gives them a restored sense of self worth and they feel much better about themselves. To essentially see a change in your figure try teaming the long line bra with a long line panty girdle. You’ll feel safe, self assured and shapely from top to bottom.

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