Online Games and Promotions — Offering Big Prizes Without the Risk

Many businesses, perhaps yours watches as some of the big companies such as McDonald’s, Subway, Rite Aid all are able to create promotions that engage the consumer. They create a desire on the part of the consumer to frequent their restaurants, why?

Well, in many cases خرید اکانت پرمیوم it is because they are running some kind of sweepstakes or promotion that engages the consumer, peaks their interest and gets them another and back once again with the hopes of wining some life prizes. Usually there is one life changing prize such as a large sum of cash, a car etc.

These are what you call “life changing” prizes, and for the big boys yes, they can afford to give away 1, 000, 000 away, but they need not. So you want to run frequency or a customer loyalty program and give away 50, 000 but don’t exactly have 50, 000 lying around in the ‘ol Switzerland Bank account to give away. So what do you do? You get prize insurance. You pay an insurance premium against somebody winning your tournament or sweepstakes. Let’s say hypothetically you want to hand out 50K if somebody does “X”. The insurance company will say okay we will pay 50K and your insurance premium is a small percentage of these 50K. So for pennies on the dollar you can provide a big grand prize to attract them.

Next you can use free online games, text promotions, even your own store’s invoices to get them to go online to your website, with a microsite attached, play an interactive game to see if they have won the 50K. This is done all the time, and not only do customers come back into your store for another receipt and another chance at your 50K, but they have to register and now you have data capture from your customers for email marketing, direct mail etc.

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