Glass Structures From Around the world

Glass has become one of the most used materials by architects wanting to give their projects the real wow factor, and unlike in past years these glass buildings are taking on wonderful shapes and forms as opposed to the glass cubes we are used to seeing in our cities. This is one of the beauties to build with glass, there are endless possibilities and the architect can let their imagination run wild, building پارتیشن شیشه ای something completely individual for the client.

Selgas Cano Buildings Office
These are perhaps probably the most modern offices in the world. Built in a Spanish forest the offices are basically a glass supplement that has one wall and the threshold made from bent glass. Considering architects need to be creative this is an extremely clever office design, as it gives great views throughout the months increasing creativity.

Sears System (Willis Tower) Glass Balconies
Which means this may not actually be a glass structure but these balconies definitely deserve a mention. Built near the peak of the Sears System at 1, 353 feet high these balconies are constructed entirely from glass, making them improper for the feint-hearted. These balconies offer an extraordinary view of the city of Chi town from the systems Sky deck experience viewing platform.

National Grand Theatre Of China
This is perhaps one of the most stunning glass buildings in the world with its smooth dome shape being resembled perfectly in the artificial lake surrounding it. This gives the impression of a large egg-shaped building. The national Grand Theatre of China is situated just a stone’s throw from Beijing’s Tiananmen Sq and includes various theatres and internet explorer halls that in total have over 5000 seats.

The Louvre Pyramid
This is perhaps one of the most iconic ategory structures in the world. The Louvre pyramid was developed to get to be the main entrance to the Louvre Museum after the previous entrance was deemed not fit for the large quantities of visitors the museum was receiving everyday. The pyramid is constructed entirely from glass and has a grand total of 673 window panes reaching 60 to 70 meters high.

Basque Health Department Headquarters
Unlike other glass buildings which are made to look smooth and flowing, this one has been constructed with angled glass to give it a crumpled look, and possesses been referred to as one of the industrys most progressive industrial examples. It has been suggested in the past that the structure appears like something from the Transformers movie, and you can see why when looking at its shape.

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