Rescue Parrots and Why you should Get One

Parrots have become the 3rd most popular pet to have. Though people do not want a parrot that screams, is harmful to your home or bites. Sorry to say Amazon bird but these three things you will find in a parrot. These are just their attributes.

When you go to the store to get you baby parrot they are docile and soft textured and you are made to believe that when they mature they will stay that way; this furthermost from the truth.

Parrots are not like dogs or cats and have only been domesticated a couple of generations. Parrots are still very much naturalistic and are learning to adjust to being domesticated and not in their natural surroundings of the rainforest.

Many people who purchase a baby parrot have probably never had a parrot before. They can’t realize or do not want to think that their precious baby bites, is harmful to your home or screams.

Parrots doctor bills can be expensive, they need lots of toys and a very spacious cage, their food can be costly and they require lots of fruits and veggies. Parrots also need lots of attention and interaction for their flock (the family they live with). With all this said people still go out and purchase a parrot not accepting these facts.

After realizing there is so much more involved with a parrot other than staying it in a cage and saying how pretty a parrot I have. They are cast aside to whom I have no idea of.

That might the parrot starts to have attitudinal problems or starts plucking. The parrot is given to multiple families and in the end they are eventually taken to the doctor to be euthanized or stuck in a closet or back room and ignored.

Remember this is not how the life of the parrot started but in the end and this happens to them. Not many parrots are given to rescues because people have no idea of of them or put in a loving home. Parrots are not a thing they are sensitive intelligent creatures put on this earth.

Parrots are not pets as their wild instincts will always remain. People buy parrots with no real thought except they saw “Polly” or they want the parrot that tells because that is cool.

Parrots have become a status to own which is sad because the parrot will never have time to a good life. When the parrot does not talk or do tricks or they are no longer cool; what happens to them? Unfortunately this is a question I have no answer for but I dread the thought for the outcome.

Parrots are very social and have very real feelings, they also bond for life. That is why it is devastating to have a parrot and then just throw it away for their wild instincts; which many people who own a parrot do.

Do we consider any of these facts when we buy that precious baby? I think not. If you are not up to the position of an adult parrot and you buy that baby with no real thought. You should not own a parrot. May sound cold-hearted but it is the truth.

If you really want a parrot and you have thought it through why not come to the aid of a parrot in need? I agree there is a lot of work to be done like gaining their trust. You should consider a rescue because that parrot is craving for a loving secure home and to be a part of someone’s family. You may just luck out and that parrot may know some tricks and have an exceptional vocabulary.

I agree there is a lot of work to be done because first you have to gain their trust. Remember and grow prepared that there is a lot of work to be done in gaining their trust. Be patient, loving and kind and one day that parrot will acknowledge the love and kindness you have presented upon them. The best way to gain a parrot’s trust is through their stomach. Yes, just like your significant other; whose stomach knows you love them.

You may get a parrot that has plucked their feathers and may not look the most beautiful but is that why you have got the parrot? Their beauty is their personality. If you want a parrot because of its beauty, you are probably very cursory.

The rescue parrot may bite unprovoked. Parrots bite out of fear or if they are angry about something you have done that they can’t like; such as putting them down when they want to be with you. The parrot may be frightened as you do not know all the facts of its previous life. Showing the parrot it is now safe and very loved will follow with being bitten less. Parrots still bite and that is undeniable of life.

A parrot is usually a screamer because it was ignored. Parrots do make noise and these are just instincts from the wild. Parrots call each other or make noise when you get up in the morning and when direct sunlight is going down. Some parrots are louder than others like people have different tones in their voice.

Destruction, there is not much that can be done for that as that is the nature of a parrot. Parrots are very instinctual naturally to do the things they do in the wild. Parrots call to one another and chew and this will never change in parrot’s life.

When you realize a parrot is instinctual naturally you will get along splendidly. Many of these issues can be worked tirelessly on and you will end up having a fantastic relationship; one that you have always wanted with a parrot.

When you buy that baby you are only feeding the selfishness of the breeder or a store who not care for the contentment of the parrot but the cold hard cash. Yes there are parrot mills just like the deplorable puppy mills with many of the same horrible conditions. That colorful bird store, it can be the worst culprit in selling babies. The bundle of love of a rescue parrot can be so much more satisfying and worthwhile in the long run.

I acquired a 10 year old Blue Streak Lory. My wife no belly feathers but her personality makes your heart thaw. I had always wanted a Lory but thought it would never fit into our family as we have three hook bills and they can’t live in a cage. I visited the Birmingham Zoo and went to the Lory exhibit and once again my heart yearned for a Lory. I called my girlfriend who has extreme avian knowledge and informed her of need to have a Lory. She asked if i was serious and she happened to have a Blue Streak Lory that needed a home. I informed her I was very serious and the two of us benefited with the adopting. Her name was Zorro but I renamed her Zara to give her a fresh begin in life. She is insecure and plucks her belly feathers but it is something we are working on. She was handed up because the previous family decided to rescue Labrador dogs and that is the road they took. Zara had been with them since she was a baby to 10 years old. It was the only life she knew and they gave her up.

When you get a parrot it is for life and that is what I strongly believe in. For the simple fact that parrots are so intelligent and that they are social animals. We are a flock member in a parrot’s mind not that they’ve be a pet in our family.

When a parrot is cast aside they can’t understand why and cannot comprehend the abandonment. For their thought process this why you run into many attitudinal problems in abandoned parrots. Many times when a parrot feels safe again the attitudinal problems you encountered have receeded, may not be gone forever but receeded. You as the new flock member must take into consideration their feelings of confusion and make the change as safe and taking care of as possible.

I am grateful to have Zara in our family now. This probability to change a parrot’s life is very rewarding. For Zara to know and realize one day she is safe and very loved and doesn’t need to pick out of low self-esteem; will be a very happy day.

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